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We are a holder of the OCP (200.000,00 USD), the forwarder insurance (200.000,00 USD) and the insurance on the internal transport (200.000,00 USD).

The Dangerous materials

According to the road's transport requirements (ADR) DST is a holder of certificate and is allowed to carry same types of the dangerous materials.

In case of freight service we offer the transport of the dangerous materials (except for classes 1, 7 and 6.2).

The dangerous materials are the materials, the substance and the compounds which can be dangerous for peoples, animals, transport facilities and the others elements of transport's process - from a receiving to a delivering. The road transport is under the international and the institutional regulation, law rules by ITS (Institute of Transport Car).

We dispose of the details information about: procedures, required documents, limits of weigh and dimensions, packages and additional information which have to be placed on an invoice and a waybill.
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